Our Policies

SAHCO is dedicated to ensuring the Conduct and Provision of Safe and Efficient Operations for our Customer Airlines, Aircraft Operators and our Employees. All Managers and Employees are required to have Safety considerations as of prime importance in their job functions.

A Safe operation is the result of combining qualified staff, well-maintained Equipment, appropriate Processes and procedures, adequate Training and Supervision. As Safety is everyone’s responsibility, the feedback from Personnel is important in ensuring all anomalies and deficiencies are investigated and that procedures are reviewed and amended to improve SAHCO’s overall safety and efficiency. This Safety culture is enhanced by embracing human factors principles and includes encouraging personnel to report related errors/ incidents.

SAHCO embraces this Just Reporting Policy, whereby no action shall be taken against an employee reporting an unintentional error. The Executives of SAHCO are totally committed to the principles stated in this Safety Policy. This policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Organization. The Management of SAHCO is totally committed to the principles stated in this Safety Policy.

It is the objective of SAHCO to provide for a Safe, Reliable and an Efficient Standard of Customer service. It has chosen Quality as a way and means to realize its goals and thus continuously improve its services, to provide what really meets the aspirations of its Customer Airlines, Aircraft operators and exceeds their expectations.

SAHCO is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Quality and performance in its Operations and Customer Service to accomplish this goal; and will employ the latest technology, methods and procedures. The Management of SAHCO is totally committed to the principles stated in this Quality Policy. This policy shall be understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the SAHCO Organization.

All SAHCO Personnel are encouraged to report Safety concerns and errors and to cooperate with the investigation of incidents. The Primary aim is to identify the causes and eliminate them, and not to identify and punish the individuals concerned.

It is a SAHCO policy that an unpremeditated or inadvertent lapse will not incur any punitive action, but a breach of professionalism may do so. It may be necessary to suspend an individual pending an investigation. This should not be interpreted as punitive action but, rather, as a precautionary measure.

As a guideline, individuals may attract punitive action if:

  • the Act was intended to cause harm or damage.
  • Person concerned does not have a constructive attitude towards complying with safe procedures.
  • Person concerned knowingly violated procedures that were readily available, workable, intelligible and correct.
  • Person concerned has been involved previously in similar lapses.
  • Person concerned has attempted to hide his/her lapse or part in the mishap.
  • Act was a substantial disregard for safety.

It is reiterated that a voluntary incident reporting system is non-punitive and affords protection to the sources of information i.e. the concerned employee. However, in the case of willful negligence, intentional violation and the use of illicit substances the non-punitive immunity will not apply. The Management of SAHCO is totally committed to the principles stated in this Non-Punitive Policy.

SAHCO is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment in which its employees are not exposed to hazards arising from the use and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. The airline has a zero tolerance policy for the consumption of alcohol or the use of non-prescriptive drugs whilst on duty. All employees are required to report for work in a fit and proper condition in order to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner.

Any employee found under the influence of alcohol or non-prescriptive drugs / psychoactive substances and drugs that are considered clinically harmful to disorient normal human functioning and endanger operational safety shall be removed immediately from safety critical functions and strict disciplinary action including termination of services will be initiated against the staff.

All employees have a legal obligation not to endanger themselves or others because of being in an alcohol or drug impaired condition, either within or outside the workplace. Employees are required to disclose to his or her manager or supervisor the use of any prescriptive drugs or medicines for the treatment of sickness or illness that may affect their performance or behaviour. This is extremely important for personnel assigned duties in the operational area and safety critical functions. Such personnel shall be redeployed to functions that are not directly associated with operations.

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