Aviation Security Services

SAHCO Aviation Security (SAS) is a team of highly trained, innovative and enthusiastic personnel that are well equipped to provide robust specialized security services for our clients, while also allowing our clients the flexibility of solutions that best fit their requirements.

SAS is ever ready to deliver the best aviation security solutions to our clients by undertaking a wide range of aviation security service which but not limited to:

  • Passenger and Cargo Profiling
  • Aircraft Guarding & Patrolling
  • Screening and Scanning of Baggage
  • Baggage and Cargo Reconciliation
  • Passenger Security Profiling
  • Documents and Passport Control
  • Cargo Security & Escorting
  • General Guarding and Security
Safe & Secure

World class facilities to handle any types of cargo in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

Fast Delivery

Every second counts and we are fully committed on our customers' tight schedules.

24/7 Support

Committed to your comfort and safety in the air, as safety in the air starts from the ground.