Cargo Handling Services

In the Nigerian Aviation Sector, SAHCO serves as a major gateway to import and export cargo. SAHCO has world class ultra-modern facilities which is rated as the best in the West Africa region, backed by the best resources, to handle all types and sizes of cargo in a safe, secure and efficient environment manner. Also within our facilities is a fully custom bonded courier and mail facility.

SAHCO has ultra-modern cold rooms and freezer facilities (IATA-CEIV Pharma certification in process), suited in the import and export warehouse and also within the bulk break terminal with direct access to the airside, to ensure 24 hours coverage particularly for flights arriving when the main warehouses are closed.

This allows us to handle a broad range of perishables, from fresh produce to chilled meat, from cut flowers to temperature sensitive medicines. We can also be trusted to take charge of valuables, such as bank notes, precious stones and metals and confidential documents, thanks to our secured vault and strong room.

Our team of certified cargo professionals has the experience and expertise to handle specialized cargo such as dangerous goods, vulnerable cargo, HUM, perishables, pharmaceuticals, live animals etc.

We recognize the importance of handling the paperwork as carefully as we handle the cargo, by using the most sophisticated and latest software – Cargo spot

⇒ SAHCO is fully committed to the safety and security of our client’s cargo using certified X-ray and E.T.D machines, in accordance with ICAO, Civil Aviation and Airline requirements.

⇒ Our processes and procedures are fully complaint with the TSA standards as well as meeting local NCAA and EU regulations having obtained the RA3 certification.

Safe & Secure

World class facilities to handle any types of cargo in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

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Every second counts and we are fully committed on our customers' tight schedules.

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Committed to your comfort and safety in the air, as safety in the air starts from the ground.