GSE Maintenance Services

SAHCO has fully equipped maintenance centers and workshops strategically located in the four main regions of the country.

With our highly qualified and trained maintenance team, we provide maintenance for various equipment types at all stages, from routine maintenance up to overhaul maintenance, to all types of equipment, even the latest version of computerized engines and equipment.

SAHCO has the capability of rendering third party GSE maintenance while we have the long term plan of strategically partnering with an aircraft maintenance organization to set up a Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO) in Nigeria with the capabilities of carrying out various aircraft maintenance and checks.

Safe & Secure

World class facilities to handle any types of cargo in a safe, secure and efficient manner.

Fast Delivery

Every second counts and we are fully committed on our customers' tight schedules.

24/7 Support

Committed to your comfort and safety in the air, as safety in the air starts from the ground.