Covid-19 Outbreak: Our Position

Posted by SAHCOL-A2

Dear Customers and Partners,

COVID-19 outbreak and rapid spread has raised a lot of concerns globally. On our part we have responded to this global concern in line with the measures approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Nigerian Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC). Some of the measures embarked upon include:

Sensitization of Staff
In the wake of the disease, massive campaign was organized for all categories of staff in all locations intimating them of the steps to take to prevent infection in the course of their duty and at home. Hand hygiene was emphasized and the procedures demonstrated. The Aircraft Cleaning staff, the Passenger Agents and the Baggage/Cargo Handlers were given detailed briefs/attention and this will be on-going.

Protective items
SAHCO has provided nose / mouth masks for all customer facing staff. In addition, temperature readers, hand wash facilities and hand sanitizers have been provided in all SAHCO locations for both customers and staff. Emphasis has been laid on hand hygiene.

Critical Information on protection against COVID-19 have been synthesized in bulletins and distributed to all staff, noticeboards and offices.
All the vital information have been included in the SAHCO online magazine for the public and staff.

In addition to the above, guidelines have been Issued to staff who recently returned from or have family members returning from local or international trips to self-isolate themselves and self-report, in line with approved WHO and NCDC guidelines.

We are monitoring and reviewing new information and changes on COVID-19. Necessary communication, adjustments/coordination would be made as the need arises.

It is our wish that we all emerge from this crisis healthy and unscathed.

Basil Agboarumi
Managing Director/CEO